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Codezerominings products lead the industry in terms of availability and scale

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Codezerominings products lead the industry in terms of availability and scale

Property Investment Opportunities

80% of people looking to invest in property buy around the corner. It’s safe. But this doesn’t mean it’s the best decision for their money. The remaining, “braver”, 20%, chase yield. Sold the dream of ‘below market value’ investments, student accommodation, or an ‘off-plan’ new build in “The North”. We do things smarter. We understand our clients' needs to protect their capital with sound decisions that don’t sacrifice yield. That is why we are trusted by our clients to make these decisions, againand again. Despite their convenience, crowdfunding offerings come along with considerable risk. As private investments, they're not as liquid (easily sold) as other publicly traded securities, like stocks. Think of your funds as being tied-up over the long-term. Fundrise recommends investors have a time horizon of at least five years, for example.

Be Involved in the Real Estate Sector

Real estate crowdfunding is a strategy that allows enterprises to raise capital from large groups of individuals. It's done via online platforms that provide a meeting ground/marketplace between real estate developers and interested investors. In exchange for their money, investors receive debt or equity in a development project and, in successful cases, monthly or quarterly distributions. Not all real estate crowdfunding platforms are available to everyone: Many are reserved for accredited investors - that is, high-net-worth, and/or highly experienced individuals. Still, there are several less exclusive platforms like Fundrise and RealtyMogul that allow newbies to invest as little as $500. Through these sites, you create an account and either select a portfolio strategy based on your goals, with brokers diversifying your money across a series of investment funds, or browse and select investments yourself, keeping up with their progress through a 24/7 online dashboard.


With the industry’s longest track record, Codezerominings is the trusted partner for institutional and individual investors interested in digital currencies and the growing digital economy.


Codezerominings’s products operate within existing regulatory frameworks, and its hallmark products are the first SEC reporting funds in the industry. Its amazing Here.


Investors can seamlessly purchase Codezerominings products in their IRA or other investment accounts directly via brokerage platforms.